Exit Through the Gift Shop

There’s a shot of a piece of graffiti that says something to the affect of “Banksy is a sellout.” It’s worth keeping that in mind as the film pivots toward Thierry Guetta’s debut art show.


Hoop Dreams/Waste Land

Watched a couple of really good documentaries recently. Hoop Dreams is about two kids recruited to go to St. Joseph’s High School (recruiting for high school?) to play basketball. Waste Land is about garbage pickers (recyclable pickers, really) in Brazil and an artist who seeks to make portraits of them to sell for their benefit.

Hoop Dreams is basically a portrait of the two kids lives through high school. It’s… really matter of fact. Not dressed up at all. It shows the kind of lives they live, and that is enough for this movie.

Waste Land differs in that its about someone who wants to help, and the people he’s helping. There are really beautiful shots of the pickers at work. And watching the portrait’s come together is amazing.

Can’t find a good trailer for Hoop Dreams, so here’s part 1 on youtube:

And here’s the Waste Land Trailer:


The movie starts off pre deployment, and follows the soldiers during their 15 month deployment in the Korengal Valley. The movie is non-political, and shows what life on the front lines is like.

One thing that stood out was that during firefights we never see who the soldiers are shooting at. One of them explains that the enemy knows the terrain so well, that it seems like they are fighting ghosts.

The film ends by telling us that the US withdrew from the Korengal Valley. I’m guessing its not because our objectives there were achieved.

Quick Thoughts: Citizen Kane

I watched it for the first time today, here are quick thoughts:

  • Hold up better than I thought it would, considering it was released in the 1940s. It didn’t seem too old if that makes sense.
  • Occasionally actors spoke while looking directly into the camera. Not sure what this was about.
  • Spoilers suck
  • Orson Welles’ voice is something

I think I’m going to watch it with the commentary soon.