The few remaining Republican Moderates

How the GOP Destroyed its Moderates

A longish article about how the GOP lurched rightward, and what Republican moderates (David Frum, David Brooks, Ross Douhat among others) are doing to keep their tradition alive. It’s not an optimistic article, but then it is hard to see when the rightward march will end.


And that dovetails nicely with this article about Bloomberg’s war against the Tea Party.



Exploring Madison

I spent the first few days in Madison searching around for apartment and wandering around downtown Madison a bit. There’s a lot of diversity in the neighborhoods here.

The near-west side around Monroe street has a short stretch with local stores and restaurants, immediately surrounded by the suburbs.

The isthmus (between two lakes) is where the State Capitol and the downtown area are located. There’s a law that restricts the height of buildings as to not block views of the State Capitol, but it does sit on top of a hill. I don’t think I’d call the buildings around downtown skyscrapers, but it still feels like a decently sized city’s downtown should feel like.

View of downtown Madison from across Lake Monona.

But my expectations are probably shaped by living in Idaho for a year and a half.

Neat fountain of downtown, in downtown.

Monona Terrace is a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, but build posthumously. The terrace is a convention center, and it hosts the local farmer’s market during the winter months. The top of the terrace is a cafĂ© whose roof is a picturesque garden/patio area. The view looking over Lake Monona (the second largest lake in the area) from the top is really pretty, and for some reason I didn’t grab a picture. I did grab one looking past the water fountain up towards the Capitol. The reverse view I bet is also really nice.

From the terrace to the State Capitol

The near east side is an urban environment; So really walkable, lots of small restaurants and shops, no chain stores (that I’m aware of), that sort of thing. I haven’t explored too much there other than restaurants, but that’s probably going to change seeing as I’ll be living there now (on the border of these two neighborhoods).

There’s still a lot of places to explore. I haven’t been to the shore of Lake Mendota (the biggest lake) nor State Street (where a lot of shopping/students/student parties are) nor the University of Wisconsin Campus. So lots more exploring to be done, although now it needs to wait until I get moved in.