RoadTrip Day 1 – Yellowstone

I started off a bit late, leaving Idaho Falls at about 1 pm. It turns out that packing and cleaning takes longer than I anticipated. The apartment manager did say that apartments usually aren’t that clean, so I may have overdone it. Oh well, I still left on the same day I intended, so not too bad.

Old Door

Goodbye old apartment

The drive to Yellowstone took about 3 hours. I didn’t make any stops, since I wanted to see as much of Yellowstone as possible with my late start. I didn’t see much of it, but pretty good for a short evening there. Starting late meant I had to scrap my original plan of visiting the Cody museum, but now I doubt I would have been able to do that in the same day. I forgot how big Yellowstone is.

I got lucky and ran into a bunch of cars parked on the side of the road. Usually, this means wildlife of some sort so I pulled over and jumped out of my car so I could see it before the wildlife ran way. Turns out it was an elk, and I didn’t need to rush since it hung around for a while.


It turned out that there was more than one elk. One cow (in the river), two calves (on the left. You can see one but the other’s lying down), and a young male (in the background on the right).

Next was a hotsprings area called Fountain Paint Pot. It contained a few geysers, and the eponymous boiling mud thing.

The boiling mud pot, labelled.

And the last stop was Old Faithful. When I arrived there were only a few people waiting. I thought that because it was so late in the day that this would be about how big the crowd was. As other people came to see the geyser I overheard that the next eruption wouldn’t be for another half hour. Waiting outside for a geyser to erupt is relaxing.

Old Faithful.

It was right in time too, since the sun set right after it finished.

End of the day.

Tomorrow is the Battle of Little Bighorn National Monument and Devil’s Tower (hopefully!)

edit: And now with a link to the full album.


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