The Context of the Campaign

A President Romney won’t be totally constrained by the far-right, but neither will he be able to ignore them. Linky

The guy turned out to be a guest host: Mark Williams, who got some publicity when he was kicked out of one of the Tea Party groups for a flap a while back. As I was saying, I wasn’t really sure it was worth an item, but that tipped me over the edge was the radio show web sight, which had a different topic highlighted entirely:

Getting A Voter ID Is “Inconvenient”…do We Really Want These People To Vote In The First Place?

The obvious question is which is worse: “These People” or “We”?

Anyway, it’s a good reminder of the context that Mitt Romney is operating within. This isn’t to make excuses for Romney; party leaders can do a fair amount to change their own party’s context. But it does help explain what he’s up to. He’s heading up a party which is constantly told that the President of the United States hates this country and is actively trying to undermine it. At the very least, that sets a pretty weird context for the campaign and gives Romney a set of choices that wouldn’t be immediately apparent without understanding that context.


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