Learning to Drive Manual

The new car I bought was a stick shift, and I’ve been learning to drive it since I got it Monday night. I drove around the neighborhood with my dad at first, then without him, then driving around doing errands myself, and finally driving to Idaho. Also spent a bit googling “how to drive a manual car” and reading what came up.

I still stall occasionally, but I think I get it mostly now. Here are miscellaneous thoughts:

  • First thing I should have done is try to get the car moving on a flat surface with just the clutch. This way I could have found the engagement point without needing to worry about what to do with the gas too. Two websites I saw recommended this, and it helped me a lot.
  • I had to drive around the Hacienda parking lot to get to Best Buy, and this really helped me learn to balance the clutch and gas at slow speeds so I didn’t stall.
  • Have someone who knows how to drive clutch in the passenger’s seat. Ask questions and switch spots so you can watch them drive around for a bit.
  • Inclines suck. Now I want my next car to have hill assist.
  • It might also be a good idea to sit in neutral somewhere and get used to how the gas pedal feels. This way you don’t accidentally rev really high when you also still aren’t quite sure where the clutch needs to be, like I did. Or you’ll do it less than you otherwise would.

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